Get up to $1,000 Payday Loan from a legit direct lender online. We review the network of the best lending organizations offering short-term small-dollar Payday Loans. Compare top Payday Loan direct lenders rates, fees, and repayment terms and get your money fast with no hassle of credit checks, faxing, paperwork, etc.

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Payday Loans from top Direct Lenders

No Denial Payday Loan Direct Lenders

No Verification Payday Loans Direct Lenders

Payday Loans from direct lenders only, or brokers

Direct Lenders Offer Payday Loans for Bad Credit?

Instant approval same day Payday Loans with no credit check from direct lenders

How to find reliable Payday Loan direct lenders online

Legal direct lenders vs scams

Best Payday Loan direct lenders review

What criteria should I use choosing a direct lender?

Is it worth reading Payday Loan direct lenders reviews?

What information can I find in a company review? Is it reliable?

Should I choose Payday Loans Direct Lenders Only?

Pros & Cons of online direct lenders or in-store companiesr

Is it worth applying for Payday Loans lenders offering no credit check loans?

The best bad credit Payday Loan direct lenders

What alternatives to payday loans direct lenders offer

5 Best Payday Loan Direct Lenders


Rates last updated June 17th, 2024

Review the Top Payday Loan Direct Lenders Online

Here’s a list of top Payday Loans online lenders according to consumer choice and experts research. 

Applying for a Payday loan through any of these organizations will not affect your credit score. They provide short-term financing fast, possibly with same-day direct deposit. No hidden or additional fees are charged. You can apply online and get instant decisions from all of the mentioned below lenders no matter what your credit score is.

No Denial Payday Loan Direct Lenders

COMPACOM is here to help you get the money fast. We're connected with direct lenders who want nothing more than for their clients' loans not to be denied, so they will grant as many of your requests that come in quickly and easily - just don't let it become an issue!

No Verification Payday Loans Direct Lenders

We have a network of direct lenders who are willing to offer you short-term loans without employment verification. You will be able to see the terms and conditions before accepting, so there's no need to worry!
The process is simple: just fill out our form online with your personal information--we never share what we collect unless it’s necessary in order to find someone quick enough to approve your loan request. Once submitted please wait patiently while direct lender takes care of everything else like checking credit scores, etc...

Payday Loans from top Direct lenders: pros and cons  

  • You can get future loans easier if you worked directly with the lender earlier. When you cooperate with direct lenders, you make payments directly to them, which will make your credit rating higher.

  • Direct lenders have an easier process of applying in comparison with indirect lenders. You just need to fill in the form only for one company and get what you need. It also makes the process a little bit quicker, which is important if you need a loan for vital purposes.

  • Interest rates and fees are usually lower when you work with lenders directly. Direct lenders don't need to take a cut intermediately, it affords lenders to offer you better conditions.

  • Privacy. Some companies sell your personal information to third parties, which can contact you with special loan offers. If we talk about direct lenders, they usually have a safe privacy policy.

  • A lot of people want to get the best possible offer. Different direct lenders offer many variants of loans with many options, it can be hard and annoying to look through every lender and find the best one.

  • It's harder to get approval with bad credit history. You are more likely to get approval if you work with indirect lenders (using a matcher).


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How much would you like to borrow?

Direct lenders or brokers - what to choose?  

Mortgage brokers can seem similar to direct lenders, but it's not right. Brokers have access to many direct lenders, they can choose the most suitable loan for you. Brokers are more like your personal manager, who takes all the hard jobs instead of you. Brokers can help you to make an application or to close a loan. As for lenders brokers are kind of marketing instruments, which can lower their expenses on marketing needs.

The main difference between Payday Loans direct lenders is that they have a special license. There are different kinds of direct lenders, for example, portfolio mortgage lenders start their own loans and can keep and service them for the whole loan's life. Moreover, direct lenders have the current amount of money to fund mortgage loans, sometimes they can use credit lines. Direct lenders often service the loans which they created or they can sell them to a mortgage market.

The table illustrates the comparison of direct lenders and mortgage brokers:




Payday Loan Direct lenders

  • You can have streamlined communication without a broker.
  • Dealing directly with the money holder (lender).
  • The lender can make exceptions to their rough itinerary.


  • Lenders can behave as a broker (even if they can lend directly).
  • You don't get acquainted with the lender intermediately.

Mortgage brokers

  • Streamlined process of shopping for the best loan.
  • Potentially lower rates.
  • Brokers trying to find the best loan for you.
  • Brokers have to trust lenders to work with the clients.
  • Brokers don't make final decisions.
  • Brokers can't make exceptions to rough itinerary.

There could be a huge difference between direct lenders and brokers depending on the company you choose.

Can you get approved by a direct lender if you have bad credit? 

A good credit score is essential to get a bad credit loan from most lenders. Although there are some lenders, who can approve your application even with a bad credit score. The important thing to get approved with a bad credit score is an opportunity to repay the loan. You must have a stable monthly income and valid bank account, then direct lenders will see you as a less risky consumer. If you want to apply to a direct lender, you should meet all the required requirements. It doesn't mean that you'll certainly get the loan, but it'll boost your chances.

Must know!

Different lenders have different requirements, but one thing works for all lenders: the less amount of money you need, the more chances you have to get a loan. 

Do direct lenders guarantee instant approval for same-day Payday Loans with no credit check, no Teletrack? 

payday loans direct lenders no credit check

Yes, you can get the loan the same day, without a credit check and Teletrack. But is it as good as it seems? Payday Loan direct lenders who are ready to approve your application without a credit check and Teletrack usually have very high-interest rates and great fees. Moreover, you should think, why these companies don't care about their money? Why they don't check how risky their potential borrowers are? Because of high interest rates and big fees? - May be yes, maybe no. Most companies who have used the Teletrack system and checked their credit score are legal and it's more likely that their credit conditions are controlled by the state. What I'm trying to say: the companies who don't check your credit and don't look at the Teletrack score are more likely to be frauds. It's not the rule, but you should take this information into account.

Good to know if you want to apply for a dircet lender Payday loan:

  1. Interest rates on Payday loans could be extremely high!
  2. If you can't afford your monthly payments lenders can offer you to take a new loan in the case to repay the payments of 1-st one (usually with higher interest rates), then you have to pay 2 loans at once.
  3. If you can't repay your loan, collectors can act aggressively to get their money from your bank account.
  4. Easy to approve, hard to repay. If lenders approve your application without a credit check, it means, that they don't care, can you afford the loan or no.

Payday Loans From Direct Lenders in Your City

How to choose a reliable direct lender?  

Most people take safe online payday loans from legitimate loan companies, but there is still someone, who is afraid of scams. Are there any factors that can help to differ scams from reliable lenders? There are, and they're quite simple:

  • carefully read the loan terms and conditions;
  • use customer support service if you have any questions;
  • check the legal status of the company and their service;
  • look through the company's reviews;
  • study the terms of use and privacy policy of the lender.

Payday Loans direct lenders

Must know!

There are some payday loans with hidden fees. It's important to know, cause not all states have auxiliary facilities. In case to specify those loans, you should follow a few simple rules. Firstly, you should communicate with the Payday Loan direct lender and ask all the questions you have (ask about what happens if you'll not pay on time). The most important thing is to read the terms and conditions very carefully (better twice), cause if you sign the agreement, you'll not be liable to change anything 

When you are going to take a Payday, Installment Loan, or Personal Loan the first most important thing is to find out their legal status and regulations in your state, and the second – is to choose a reliable lender. Why is this choice so significant?

  • Usually, loan amounts, rates, and fees may vary depending on the lender. You can calculate the total cost of your future loan using our Payday Loan calculator;
  • The requirements, as well as your chances of being approved for a cash advance even if you have bad credit, are also different according to the lending company;
  • You can be sure that your rights are protected and your privacy is secure only if you deal with a legally licensed lender who works under the state’s regulations.

How can you tell a reliable lender from a scam?

All the lending companies that work legally, e.g. follow the state’s rules and regulations, thus ensuring the borrowers’ rights and protection, must be licensed. So, before choosing the lender check it out on the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services’ website.

  1. Go to the Consumer Protection Branch website1 ;
  2. Search for License / Lender / the name or address of the lender.
  3. You’ve got the list of all the licensed Payday lenders in the state. If the company you want to apply is not there, you’d better choose another one. Otherwise, if you have any problems or complaints you won’t be able to get any help or protection from the state.
  4. Compare Payday Loans from the best direct Lenders Online 

Besides, lenders may be OLA certified. It means they are members of the Online Lenders Alliance. It is the center of lending, technology, and innovation, representing the growing online lending industry. Its members follow a list of Best Practices and Code of Conduct, which ensures the customers are well informed and fairly treated.

Must know!
Online lenders Alliance members offer safe and convenient loans for hard-working Americans. It’s definitely recommended as it’s safe, it’s easy as quick, it’s something you can do from your phone. Every year more and more Americans turn to the Internet to secure a loan. Most of the online borrowers have an average income of $48000 per year. Cash advance helps them to make sure their bills are paid, they are not gonna lose their home, car, etc. Alliance online lenders are proud to provide only high-quality service.

More than 300 direct lenders we work with are all licensed and OLA certified, verified by time, and really reliable. You can be sure your rights will be reserved and the lending process the most convenient and secure one.