Adam Johnson

Main Areas: Financing; Advertising; International Communications
Career Focus: Author; Editor; Life Coach

Adam Johnson is an ambling millennial miscreant who also happens to love helping people make the best decisions possible. He's a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Advertising, graduated from Syracuse University. Studying in the heart of New York State let him research all the different aspects of people's lives. Besides, he learned nationally and internationally ranked communications which made him a great writer and editor. You can judge it by his captivating descriptions. 

Since 2013 Adam has been a freelance writer with a background in financial services, data analysis, research, marketing, and management. As a keen volunteer and a member of The Caring Hand Bereavement Center in Manhattan, he spends a lot of time helping children and families with scholarships. So, he knows for sure when people do need financial and educational help and how to provide it. That's what he does in his articles.

When not writing, he enjoys creating art, exploring nature, and chasing his next big interest.

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