Cookie Policy & Guidelines for the Use

The use of cookies is an important part of providing you with the best possible experience. To explain, below are some details about what they do and how to restrict or prevent their usage.

How can you opt out of cookies?

To change your cookie settings, you may set your preferences or submit all the cookies. You can always choose not to accept cookies that are not necessary for personal preference — click "Cookie Preferences" in the footer of our website and update your choices.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that store information on your device (computer, smartphone etc.) when you visit a website. Once you visit COMPACOM site or use another service provided by them in anyway , this allows for data collection and storage through cookies to improve browser experiences with habits identified based off of visitor preferences

The upsides of cookies are a better user experience, tailored specially for your needs and preferences.

There are several types of cookies:

  • first-party and third-party cookies
  • technically required cookies
  • analytic cookies
  • marketing cookies
  • partner cookies
  • session and persostent cookies

If you have any questions regarding this policy or would like more information about the cookies used on our websites, you're welcome to contact us at

Information We Collect

The information you provide when signing up for this service may be important. We ask for personal details like first and last name, email address as well as location because we need it in order to deliver the best possible product!

The input also states that we may collect other types of data such your financial information if necessary; these would not appear on your statement however so please don't worry about them showing up there either way just make sure everything looks correct before submitting anything!

In addition if you click through various services on our website then more specific details could potentially get collected including your IP, geolocation data regarding location, etc.

While you view our ads, we may gather user Global Unique Identifier, HTTP request data such as, user agent, IP, host, url, country/continent from which request made, browser info, and device/operating system/operating system version.