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Our primary function is as an advertising referral medium, acting as a bridge connecting users (potential borrowers) with a network of participating lenders who may offer credit facilities ranging from $100 to $50,000.

Given our role as advertisers, we neither govern nor are accountable for any lender's activities. All details regarding offers, loan conditions, interest rates, fees, repercussions for delayed or missed payments are under the full jurisdiction and accountability of the specific lender delivering the service.

Even though applications may be forwarded to multiple lenders to enhance approval chances, there's no assurance that a loan application will be approved.

Loan amounts, disbursement times, and repayment terms can differ among lenders. Each lender or service provider defines terms for late or missed payments, as well as renewal policies. Borrowers are urged to familiarize themselves with these terms.

Loan facilities may not be accessible everywhere, and hence, residents of certain regions might not be eligible for certain short-term loans.

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Credit Implications

Any lender the applicant might connect with has the prerogative to conduct credit checks when making lending decisions. This could entail liaising with credit reporting agencies to assess the applicant’s creditworthiness or credit capacity. By sharing personal data, applicants give the green light to lenders in our network to verify the data and assess their credit standing.

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)

Short-term loans are crafted for addressing immediate financial needs and are not a lasting fiscal remedy. Such loans come with costs and might exacerbate an individual's financial situation if not handled prudently. Prospective users are advised to seek a financial advisor's counsel to evaluate their financial needs, understand the potential pitfalls of short-term loans, and explore other options available.