A Car Title is an important document for every driver. The title to your vehicle confirms that you are the owner of this vehicle. What is it for? For example, if you want to sell your car, you need to provide ownership, and for that you need to have the title of the car. Or if you need an Auto Title Loan, the title is one of the main title loan requirmenets of the lender.

Car Title Loans

What can be found on your Car Title?

  • Information about the make and model of the car.
  • Title number. This number is used for administrative tracking of the vehicle.
  • Your VIN. In case you didn't know, every vehicle has an identification number that remains unchanged forever, regardless of who owns the car. VIN is used for accidents, maintenance records, and property tracking.
  • Full name of the vehicle owner. In addition to your name, there is your home address. If you took out a car on credit, the details of the lender and the bank will be indicated here.
  • Weight class of the car. Annual registration is more expensive if your vehicle is in the high weight class.
  • Odometer reading when issued. This indicator helps you know when you bought or sold your vehicle.
  • Date title was issued. The date is also used to track the purchase and sale of vehicles.

How to add or remove a person from my car’s title?

In order to remove or add a person to your title, you need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles. There they will help you find the form you need to update your owner information. All you have to do is apply for a new title, after which you will be asked to update the owner information (name and address).

Do you need a title to insure the car?

Generally, you don't need a title to get car insurance. Many insurance providers do not require a title at all. If you want to insure a car that you do not own, then you have such an opportunity. In order to do this, you need to get a non-owners car insurance policy.

Do you need a title to register a car?

If you have a document confirming proof of ownership, then you do not need a title to register the car. But if you are not the owner of the car yet, then you need a title.

If you buy a non-owned vehicle, you should also contact the Department of Motor Vehicles where you can obtain new ownership.

What happens to a car title when you sell your car?

There are two sections in the title of the vehicle, which are created in order to transfer ownership to another person. The section is called Title Assignment. It is important to know that the Title Assignment can only be completed once. This information cannot be changed or corrected. Both the seller and the buyer need to complete the information in this section. There you need to enter the following:

  • Seller information (name and address)
  • Buyer information (name and address)
  • Date of transfer
  • Odometer reading

What documents do you need after selling a car?

Many people think that after selling a car you no longer need to store information about it, but this is a misconception. After the sale, you should definitely keep a copy of the reassigned title for at least 18 months. But why do you need to do this?

There are situations when people who buy cars are engaged in illegal activities. If a person bought a car from you and did not register it in their name, and then got into an accident or was arrested, you may be responsible. However, if you show a copy, then you will not be charged. By providing the police with a copy of the reassigned title and title reassignment form, you will be able to prove that you no longer own and are not responsible for the vehicle.

How can you prove that the car was sold?

If you need proof of the car sale, you can use various documents such as the title certificate with the new owner's name or the sales tax form. You can also provide the bill of sale as a proof. Where to find it? On your state's DMV website, you can download a bill of sale. If you need other additional documents, you can still contact the buyer and obtain additional proof.

Is it possible to transfer your car title online?

Each state has its own laws regarding the process of changing ownership. However, as a rule, in most states, ownership applications are processed online or by mail. In order to clarify information on this issue, you need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles. There you can find out all the information on this process. You can also ask a question on the website or contact customer support.

How can you get a new car title?

There are situations when people lose their title, and they urgently need it. Also, sometimes there are situations that you did not receive the title after paying for your car. What to do in such a situation?

In order to get a new title, you will need to complete the necessary documents. In addition, you have to pay a commission, which is usually at least $ 20. In order to do this, you need to contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

What happens if you don’t sell your car directly?

In that case, if you are selling a car through a third party, you need to make sure that the transfer of ownership is done correctly. Be careful! If you are not convinced of this, then you may have to be responsible for a car that you no longer own. To prevent this from happening, keep all documents that prove the sale of the car.