Have you parked your car in an unauthorized place? Be careful, because there may be a nasty surprise waiting for you - a blockade on the wheels or an empty space where you left the vehicle. In the second case, your car was towed to a police parking lot. We suggest how to proceed in such a situation.

Car owners do not need to be reminded that cities (especially large ones) lack parking spaces. This, in turn, causes drivers to park outside the designated areas. Unfortunately, this is risky - it may even end up being towed to the police car park. This is a very annoying penalty, which is associated with high expenses and burdensome formalities - it takes at least a few hours to recover the car. Luckily, any car owner is eligible for a title loan secured by a vehicle title. It'll provide the necessary financing fast completely online with no credit checks and other formalities.

When Can The Car Be Towed To The Police Car Park?

11 situations where your car can be towed to a police car park

The vehicle will be towed when:

  1. The car has no license plates - e.g. it was destroyed by vandals.
  2. The condition of the vehicle indicates that it is not used.
  3. The car is parked in a place where it is prohibited - as a result, it hinders traffic or otherwise threatens safety.
  4. During the inspection, you will not prove that you have insured the car - you have not purchased third party liability insurance.
  5. The car has exceeded the dimensions, permissible total weight or axle load specified in the road traffic regulations - the exception is the situation when you will be able to direct you to a nearby road on which you will be able to move such a car.
  6. You parkув your car in a place for a disabled person - even though you do not have the appropriate parking card.
  7. You park your car where there was a sign indicating that parked vehicles will be removed at the owner's expense.
  8. You are be driving the car even though you do not have a driving license - unless you are traveling with another driver who can drive it.
  9. You are intoxicated - if there is no other way to secure the vehicle.
  10. You do not have the required documents entitling you to use or drive the vehicle.
  11. The technical condition of your car threatens road safety, causes damage to the road or violates environmental protection requirements - e.g. liquids leak from the car.

In each of the above-mentioned situations, you expose yourself not only to costs, but also to time-consuming formalities - recovering a car from a police car park requires, among others, visits to the police station.

How Much Does It Cost To Pick Up The Car From The Police Car Park?

The applicable regulations make the release of the car from the police car park conditional on the payment of the fee. The amount you will have to pay consists of:

  • Boot Fees

before delivering the car to the impound lot, the police usually puts a boot on one of the wheels so that the car cannot move. the fine in this case varies depending on the parking lot, but usually such a fine is more than $ 100

  • Impound Fees

this amount is charged for storage fees, that is, for storing a car in a car impound. usually this fee does not exceed the payment for the towing itself and is not more than $ 100. but you must understand that this amount depends on the number of days that your car is impounded.

  • Initial Tow Fees

The towing charge is the amount charged for bringing your car to the impound. of course, this cost depends on the location, but usually it exceeds the amount of $100. this figure can increase significantly if you have a large vehicle. other equipment may be required to transport such a vehicle, which increases the price of towing.

  • Additional Fees

additional fees may apply in some cases. for example, the car is being towed for a long distance or if the car has been in an accident and cleaning services are required. these situations may not be the most pleasant and require significant expenses from you, for which you were not ready.

What Is The Process Of Collecting a Car From The Police Car Park?

You must have a pick-up permit to pick up your vehicle from the police car park. This document is issued by the entity that decided to tow the car. Although there are a lot of formalities necessary to collect a vehicle from a police car park, there are still fewer of them than a few years ago - after the change in regulations, issuing a permit to collect a car does not depend on the payment of a fee.

The procedure for collecting the car from the police car park is as follows:

  1. Contact the city (municipal) guard or the police to determine that the car was towed to the police car park.
  2. If the police ordered the vehicle to be towed, go to the police station. You will receive a ticket and a permit - without this document you will not pick up the vehicle from the police car park.
  3. Pay for the release of the towed vehicle before its collection.
  4. Collect the car from the police car park after showing the permit. Make sure the car park is open - some are open from 8am to 4pm, for example.

How Can I Get My Car Out Of Impound If I Have No Money

Get Fees Waived. If you can challenge the decision to have your vehicle towed to the impound lot, you won't have to pay the fine. To do this, you need to file a complaint with the city or go to the city court and prove that the fine ticket was issued to you without good reason.

  • Take Advantage of Free Legal Services. There are community organizations in many US cities that provide free legal advice and financial support. It is the lawyer in this case who can help you prove that the ticket was issued to you by mistake and why you should not pay the fine.
  • Use a Loan Offer. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get your car out of impound is a quick loan. Usually, in such cases, a payday loan of up to $1,000 should suffice. You do not need to demonstrate a perfect credit history or formal employment to receive this 30-day financing. If you are looking for a larger amount and a longer repayment period, consider applying for a personal loan. Personal loans are issued for amounts up to $35,000 and require a minimum of documentation from you. The entire application process takes place online and takes only 15 minutes, which makes online personal loans even more popular. Thus, you can get both long-term and short-term loans depending on your needs.

What Are The Consequences Of Not Collecting The Vehicle From The Police Car Park?

If you do not collect your car from the police car park, you must expect that it will be forfeited in favor of the police. The procedure is as follows:

As the owner of the towed car, you will be notified of this fact in writing by the authority that issued such an instruction - so you can receive a letter, e.g. from the police;

If you do not respond to the received letter within 3 months, the police will apply to the court to order the forfeiture of the car in favor of the police. Remember that failure to collect the vehicle will not protect you from costs (e.g. towing or storing the car) - they will be imposed on you by way of an administrative decision.