Where to donate excess plastic bottles? Most of us solve this issue quite simply - send plastic and glass bottles to the trash. Many do not even realize that you can earn money on such (and not only) waste. Let’s find out where and at what price you can donate used containers and other recyclables, and at the same time calculate how many bottles you need to bring in order to pay off your $100 payday loan.

Recycling bottles is not only a concern for the environment but also a way to gain money for your daily needs or financial obligations. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to pay off a $100 loan, then bottle recycling can help you quickly enough to get emergency cash to pay off this payday loan. Therefore, there is no point in throwing bottles in an ordinary trash can if you can earn money and help the environment.

The desire to earn is indestructible and natural. The ability to make money out of nothing is the pinnacle of all ways to make money. And money from garbage is something even more. Because garbage has rather a negative value, we spend energy on its cleaning and pay money for its removal.

What To Do With Plastic Bottles?

Many people are interested in the question of what to do with those plastic bottles, which are sometimes collected in huge quantities. Of course, the most environmentally friendly and profitable way would be to recycle plastic, which takes a minimum of time but carries a lot of benefits. Below you can find out all the information about where you can recycle bottles and how many bottles you need to recycle to get $100.

Getting rid of fishing gear is much more expensive and much more labor-intensive and much more logistically complex than it is in most places,” she says. “If we can do it, what’s your excuse, big cities?

Paid To Recycle: How Much Do You Need To Turn In To Get $100?

In the United States, when you recycle your plastic bottles, you can get cash for plastic bottles. Usually, bottles are priced by weight and you can get from 5 to 10 cents for one bottle. It is worth noting that the cost of the container is always included in the price of the drink itself, so you not only help the environment but also return your money spent in advance. Thus, in order to receive $100, you need to turn in between 1000 and 2000 bottles (depending on weight).

Is There Any Benefit To Recycling Bottles?

Many studies show that today there is an overabundance of plastic in the world, so the recycling of raw materials, including bottles, reduces energy consumption by 70 %. That is why recycling is of great benefit and allows you to extend the life of plastic and not pollute the environment.

How Can I Manage Recycling Money?

As mentioned above, each bottle can bring you up to 10 cents. You can either get cash back or coupons and vouchers if you return bottles at a particular store. That is why you yourself can decide how to dispose of the funds received.

What Bottle Can I Get 10 cents For?

Usually, any bottles from 150 ml to 3 liters are accepted for recycling. Accordingly, you can make money recycle for any bottle of this volume.

Preparing Plastic For Recycling

Sorting plastic separately from other types of waste is not enough. It needs to be prepared for processing, namely, remove all labels and wash. This is especially true of fatty bottles of vegetable oil or plastic bottles of some cosmetics. Also, from jars and bottles, it is necessary to remove the lids and rings from them.

Plastic lids must be recycled separately. Firstly, most often they are made of a different type of plastic than the packaging itself. Secondly, a number of enterprises collect caps for recycling, as they are easier to wash, store, and transport than whole bottles. At the same time, the cost of lids is almost the same as the cost of the container itself.

Any plastic drinking and non-food screw caps marked "2", "02" or HDPE in a triangle on the inside of the cap can be collected. These include caps from tetra-packs (juices, milk, yogurts, kefirs), from plastic bottles (water, carbonated drinks, dairy and sour-milk products, glass cleaners, and other non-food containers), and from bottles with vegetable oil.

How To Find The Nearest Local Recycling?

In order to find the nearest recycling point, you need to follow a few simple steps. You can check your local recycling program and publications provided by your local government or the recycling provider itself. You can also find detailed information on the website of your city or call the local government and clarify all the necessary information there.

When is the collection of glass and plastic profitable?

  • Repair or relocation

Both are accompanied by general cleaning. This, in a completely incomprehensible way, presents the owners with such an amount of garbage that there is an incentive not only to go to a recycling center but even to hire someone for transportation. Most often this happens in houses with barns or in old cottages.

  • Buying new things

New equipment, furniture, sports equipment, etc. are packed in such an amount of plastic that it is no longer profitable to throw it away.

  • Big holidays

Here you can even make an approximate calculation:

A wedding or other major celebration according to the old proven formula requires 1 bottle of alcohol per 1 guest. A big wedding for 100 people is 100 bottles of alcohol.

Conclusion: handing over a large amount of glass and plastic can be profitable, and sorting garbage before removal is good for the environment and the economy.