Is it worth visiting a Payday Loan store to get instant cash advance during the Coronavirus? Or it's better to apply online from the safety of home?

Because of the Pandemic most nonessential businesses have been shuttered by the states. What about Cash Stores? In some states banks and financial institutions are included in the list of essential businesses. But payday loan shops aren’t considered financial institutions. Still, Cash Store, a “payday loan alternative” declared more than 100 locations in Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, and Wisconsin to be essential and left them working not paying attention to the shelter-in-place orders.

It means the residents of these states can get urgent same day cash advance in a store near their location.

But you shouldn’t forget how dangerous it can be to visit such crowded places, especially when there’s no acute need to leave your home when you can easily apply for a Payday Loan Online. Besides, you can use special Apps or your mobile phone to request the necessary amount of cash advance. Cash Store is not an exception – they also provide online services. You can repay a loan by phone, by mail, or electronically, through the company’s coronavirus webpage. So, there’s no need to expose COVID-19 to get emergency money.

Even though Cash Store claims that they use “additional cleaning and disinfecting protocols”, it’s still risky to leave your home.

You may consider other direct lenders offering $100 - $1,000 Payday Loans online absolutely safe.

Besides, check out some loan debt relief programs offered by the top lending companies.