Payday Loans are famous for being very easy and quick: a couple of minutes to apply and less than 24 hours to get your money. But on the other hand, they are known for being rather difficult to choose a reliable and inexpensivee one. To find the best rates and fees, the most responsible lenders, and the most convenient terms, observe the following: 

  • 1. Before applying for a loan, check the safety of the potential lender’s website. Check if it has an SSL certificate and reliable anti-virus service.
  • 2. A green sign on the browser bar proving that the connection is set through https signifies that the company has acceptable security. It means you can trust them and be sure that your personal data will be protected.
  • 3. The anti-virus sign is also important, as it also provides safety to the site, to you and your information.
  • 4. Before filling out an application form, search for references and other information on the lender. Even if it seems to be a well-known company or you’ve already used their service, things can change, not always for the better. 
  • 5. It’s not always a good idea to look for a direct lender. Sometimes brokers may have even more convenient terms and better rates. Due to the large number of clients provided to lenders, the brokers can ask for superior lending services for their customers.
  • 6. “Two heads are better than one,” a famous proverb says. The more lending companies you compare, the better. You get the opportunity to find the lowest APR and fees, the most comfortable repayment terms and other advantageous conditions. You can use special comparison websites such as, Nerdwallet, COMPACOM, etc. COMPACOM is a real hit in 2018. It offers not only 3-5 popular old brands, but also newly-developed client-oriented companies who strive to get more customers, offeringg lower interest and better conditions. Whichever you choose, comparison services save  time, providing information about the top lenders on one site and giving you the opportunity to fill out a free online form. 
  • 7. Before signing an agreement, check out the APR and MPR allowed in the state and offered by the lender. Carefully read the small print to find out if there are any additional fees and/or charges.
  • 8. Find out what kind of credit check the lender uses to check customers’ creditworthiness. A “soft check” won’t affect your credit history, whereas a “hard check” may negatively affect your score. 
  • 9. Track and improve your credit score. Though you may get approved for a Payday, Installment or Personal loan, even with bad credit, a good FICO score will significantly improve your chances to get better rates and other lending conditions.
  • 10. Take into account all pros and cons of online and in-store lenders and choose the most suitable for you. 
  • 11. Check if the lender is licensed and operates legally in the state. 
  • 12. Check out seasonal special offers for the current time of the year or for your precise purpose for the loan. For example, before New Years or summer holidays, there may appear special holiday loans at better rates, or some lenders may offer a low-cost wedding cash advance, etc.

Payday Loans TIPS how to apply

In conclusion: be responsible, plan your budget carefully, make sure you’ll be able to pay off the loan, and make payments on time. It will help your credit history, not get too deeply in debt and not be bothered by debt collectors. Payday loans without all these unpleasant moments will leave you absolutely happy and satisfied.