In the USA, there are about 3 million federal employees now, which is 3 times more than in 2000. And this number is constantly growing according to the statistics. Besides, there are about 1.4 million active military workers. Both these categories may find it hard to get emergency financing at times of urgent need. While ordinary Americans can apply for instant cash payday loans and receive same-day funding with minimum requirements, the feds and military are restricted from such types of borrowing. The Military Lending Act caps the rates for most loans in order to help the servicemembers avoid debt. Section 208 prohibits federal employees from participating in certain lending activities.

So, what is the way out for those in need of quick financing and how is it possible to get cash advance fast with no restrictions? Online Installment Loans are a unique solution for federal employees and postal workers, or USPS workers. They are guaranteed installment loans with no credit check offering up to $5,000 instant cash for the feds.  

Best Allotment Loan Lenders for Postal Employees

1. Kashable

  • Founded: 2013, New York City.
  • Loans: $250 to $20,000, 6% APR starting, 6-24 months.
  • Application: Quick but verification can delay.
  • Eligibility: Employer participation needed, not available in West Virginia.
  • Pros: Low rates for good credit, improves credit score.
  • Cons: Higher rates for low credit, limited employer access.

2. OneBlinc

  • Founded: 2018, Miami, Florida.
  • Loans: $500 to $3,000, 23% - 32.9% APR, 12-84 bi-weekly payments.
  • Application: Fast, no credit report pull.
  • Eligibility: No minimum credit score, bankruptcy exclusion.
  • Pros: Fast approvals, no credit score requirement.
  • Cons: One-time fees, limited employer network.

3. BmgMoney

  • Founded: 2009, Miami, Florida.
  • Loans: $500 to $10,000, 16.99% - 35.99% APR, 6-36 months.
  • Application: Online, no FICO score check.
  • Eligibility: Employment with partnered company, no bankruptcies.
  • Pros: No credit check, instant funding.
  • Cons: Potential application fee, employer restrictions.

4. Lendly

  • Founded: 2019, Dayton, Ohio.
  • Loans: Up to $2,000, average 175% APR via payroll deductions.
  • Application: No minimum credit score.
  • Eligibility: 6 months job tenure, specific states.
  • Pros: Easy qualification, fast funding.
  • Cons: High-interest rates, low loan amounts.


  • Founded: 1934, for USPS employees.
  • Services: Loans, credit cards, savings products.
  • Application: Digital membership, loan form submission.
  • Eligibility: USPS employment or association.
  • Pros: Low rates for members, wide service range.
  • Cons: Restricted to postal employees, membership required.

6. Workplace Credit

  • Founded: 2016, Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Loans: Up to $25,000, 6-36 months, up to 4% origination fees.
  • Application: Open to those with bad credit.
  • Eligibility: Minimal requirements, US residency.
  • Pros: High approval rate, large loan amounts.
  • Cons: Higher rates for good credit scores, non-transparent fees.

7. TPA Processing

  • Founded: 2006, Sand Springs, Oklahoma.
  • Role: Third-party allotment loan support for postal employees.
  • Note: Cannot apply for loans directly.

8. Access Loans

  • Founded: Unknown, Aventura, Florida.
  • Loans: $850 to $6,000, up to 35.9% APR, 8-26 months.
  • Application: Document submission required.
  • Eligibility: Employment tenure, no recent bankruptcy.
  • Pros: Flexible qualifications, same-day funding.
  • Cons: Higher rates for good credit, potential fees.

9. Coast 2 Coast Lenders

  • Location: Miami, Florida.
  • Loans: $600 to $3,000, variable interest rates.
  • Eligibility: Federal, government, or USPS employment.
  • Pros: Suitable for poor credit, high approval.
  • Cons: High-interest rates, additional fees.

Comparison Table

LenderFoundedHeadquarterLoan RangeAPRTermSpecial Features
Kashable2013New York$250-$20,000From 6%6-24mCredit improvement
OneBlinc2018Miami, FL$500-$3,00023%-32.9%12-84 bi-weeklyNo credit check
BmgMoney2009Miami, FL$500-$10,00016.99%-35.99%6-36mInstant funding
Lendly2019Dayton, OHUp to $2,000175% avgPayroll deductionFast funding
USPS FCU1934-VariousLow-Wide service range
Workplace Credit2016Jacksonville, FLUp to $25,000-6-36mLarge loan amounts
TPA Processing2006Sand Springs, OK---Loan support
Access Loans-Aventura, FL$850-$6,000Up to 35.9%8-26mSame-day funding
Coast 2 Coast-Miami, FL$600-$3,000Variable-

What are Online Installment Loans for Federal Employees?

Online installment loans for feds function similarly to traditional installment loans from online direct lenders but the difference is in the repayment process. Borrowers can pay the money back from their paycheck allotment which secures them from getting into debt. The regular income of federal employees itself serves as good collateral for lenders to guarantee loan approval. For this very reason, a credit score is also not so important, and a credit check – is not necessary, Thus, postal or bank employees can get guaranteed allotment loans with no credit check fast and easily.

Allotment Loans for Federal Employees with Bad Credit

Allotment loans are not only available for employees with bad credit, they are designed for such borrowers. Federal workers are guaranteed to get approved regardless of their credit score as allotment loans have a specific repayment process. Part of their salary is directed to pay the loan from their paycheck.  It ensures the lenders that the loan will be fully repaid in time.

Allotment Loans for Federal Employees No Credit Check

A hard credit check is not obligatory when lenders evaluate your creditworthiness. Typical requirements are rather simple and most direct lenders guarantee allotment loans for government workers with no credit check. The proof of regular income is enough to assure the company that you can repay the money.

Same-Day Instant Funding

While the application process for payroll allotment loans is very fast and easy, you can get the financing on the same business day your application is approved. It takes the lender a maximum of 24 hours to deposit the money into your bank account. Providing you apply not on a weekend, you receive the loan the same day.

How Allotment Loans Work

If you are a postal worker, government employee, health care worker, bank employee, military, etc., and need a loan immediately, check how to secure financing easily with online installment loans. To get a guaranteed allotment loan as a federal employee, you just need to find the best lender online. Compare the top lending companies like Kashable, BMG, Compacom, etc., choose the most suitable offer in terms of rates and other conditions, and start an online application process.

  1. Complete the application form online – takes a few minutes and doesn’t oblige you you to take the money, Besides, it doesn’t affect your credit score either.
  2. Once you get approved, usually within 1 – 2 business days, study the loan agreement, and sign it if it suits you.
  3. Receive the money ($1,000 - $5,000 on average) the same day directly to your bank account.
  4. Fix the repayment process – check it out with your payroll department to make sure the allotment for the loan is set up and the money with be repaid promptly as it’s scheduled in the agreement.

What is an allotment on a loan?

An allotment on installment loans is some fixed amount of money automatically withdrawn from your paycheck when the payment for the loan is due. It prevents lenders from charging a borrower any prepayment penalty fees. You have a chance to prepay a part or all the loan in advance without any additional charges.

Why Government Employees Choose Allotment Loans

When you need money urgently for any personal needs, there are lots of things to take into account and to weigh all the pros and cons before getting into it. Still, more and more federal employees choose online installment loans. There are some reasons for this:

  • Convenient repayment with automatic payments from a paycheck;
  • No prepayment penalties;
  • No credit check;
  • Guaranteed approval even for bad credit borrowers;
  • Quick financing within 1 – 2 business days.

Allotment Loans: Federal Employee Requirements

Though allotment loans for the feds may differ from online installment loans a bit, the eligibility criteria are quite simple:

  • You are to be a federal or postal employee with regular income and proof of this income.
  • Age over 18 years old at least is required.
  • US residence or citizenship.
  • Active banking account.
  • Some additional requirements may vary by lender and may include minimum income, credit score, etc.

The Application Process Explained

Conclusion: Making the Most of Your Allotment Loan

Allotment loans can be an attractive financial solution for federal employees, offering a convenient repayment process, competitive interest rates, and flexible terms. By carefully evaluating your financial needs, comparing lenders and loan options, and ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria, you can make the most of your allotment loan to achieve your financial goals. Remember to use the loan responsibly, make timely repayments, and maintain a healthy financial lifestyle to maximize the benefits of your allotment loan.