Experts strongly advise: starting to plan your personal budget you need in youth. And not only keep records of income and expenses, but also invest. And where can I get money for these very investments, if you are a student?

- The answer to the most important question "When to start saving?" is right now! - says a representative of one of the investment companies, Vladislav Alekseevsky.

- When I was 20, I looked at my increased scholarship of $500 and decided to invest 10% a month (that is, I started with $50). No matter how ridiculous this may seem, the scheme works for one simple reason - you have a habit of investing. And when a person goes to work, runs a business, he has a stable cash flow, there are no more questions what to do with it. It's like having a gym: no one immediately puts on weight.

- The main thing here is that it was not so: you store it, save it on ferrari-bah, broke off, bought headphones. We start all over again! - continues Vladislav. - Building a personal financial plan is a marathon where it is important not to run faster, but to run out early. Even if you are a student, you will always have some income, at least a tenth of which you can invest.

Where can I get money for investment?

According to the expert, you can live peacefully on 90% of income. "It's like a samurai without a sword, which is like a samurai with a sword," he explains. Again, increased scholarships, fees, money from business. You can and should work to ensure that your monthly income also grows. Then there is more opportunity for investment.

It is clear that everyone is in different starting conditions. If your parents are not tycoons, you start from scratch. Time, patience and perseverance are the three main components of success. Even without the creation of a genius company and product, you will become a well-off person already at a fairly mature age. However, there are exceptions - someone has good capital at the start or a great idea.

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Do not confuse business with self-employment!

One option to increase funds for investment is income from your business. Vladislav emphasizes that young people (and older people) often confuse business with self-employment. How to understand? As the expert explained,

  • you are self-employed if, for example, you work as a tutor in the Spanish language. In this case, your "ceiling" will depend on how many hours you can take on yourself. In addition, there is a limit for the cost of one hour of classes with a tutor.
  • In business, you hire a Spanish teacher, take money from him for finding clients, then you can hire a second, third, English or French speaker, and your income will be limited by the number of such specialists. Business always implies development, and in self-employment there is always a certain limit.

- I'm not saying that self-employment is bad. But it is necessary to clearly understand who you are and who is not, "the expert stresses. Doing business now is fashionable, these are people who turn the earth. But it is very important to yourself to answer the question, whether you are self-employed. And act on this basis.

"For a boss" or for yourself?

- I often hear about the unwillingness to work "for a boss" But: there is always some boss! Everything is clear if you are an employee. And if you are your own master, the most important  is your client. Also they are officials of all stripes, various inspections, banks. And it's your team. These are the people who work in your business. If suddenly your Spanish teacher says: "I do not want to do this anymore," you'll have to either convince him or find someone else. Probably, already with the big expenses.

What is better to invest into?

Here everything depends on the approach:

  • approach from the product: when you have money and you want to invest it. This can be a bank account, mutual fund, insurance, currency, securities, etc.
  • approach from the goal: when you decide what you need on the horizon of the next two to five years. Save on vacation? To buy an apartment? We need to clearly define this. In this case, you make up a personal financial plan and select a certain financial instrument for each purpose.

In order to choose what to invest, it is necessary to understand what the investment portfolio consists of. It is divided into 4 parts:

  1. The liquid part is something that you can quickly take and spend for needs, the "airbag" for unpredictable waste. The yield is 7-8% per annum. This includes bank deposits.
  2. The protective part is the insurance of property, health, responsibility. Insurance can be risky (from accidents, mites) and cumulative - for example, life-saving life insurance: every year we contribute a certain amount. This story is definitely not about "making money", but about "creating a reserve".
  3. The investment part is about "save and earn". It is the largest part of the portfolio. These are stocks, bonds, structural products with rates higher than bank deposits - 12-20%.
  4. The speculative part is a means for operations without risk and profitability limitations. For the year you can earn both +70% and -70%. This story is about "playing on the stock exchange". It usually sends 5-10% of the capital. It's normal if there is no such component in the portfolio at all.

And what is the matter with crypto currency?

- The place of the crypto currency in the portfolio of a healthy person is in the speculative part, Vladislav explains. The main problem of crypto currency is not that it can not be changed for real money, but that it can not be done in Russia legally, massively and at a reasonable price. Of course, "who is looking for, he will always find," but so far this story is not for big business and not for the average person.

"Inflation will cover all the interest" - it's not an argument!

 Inflation, of course, сфт make adjustments, but it шы not be an excuse for lack of action. Without investing, there will be no result at all.

"Remember who Warren Buffett is?" The American investor, one of the richest people on the planet, says Vladislav Alekseevsky. - If you take his condition for 100%, then he earned 90% of it after 50 years. This is another illustration of the fact that investment is a marathon. And even if now you start a lame step with a speed of 3 km / h, you have a chance to accelerate and earn well, - the expert emphasizes.