Most people spend hours on the Internet. This technological innovation lets us find information, study, pay the bills, and do many other things. Besides it helps us to find a job. It's so convenient to work online from home. We'll share the most profitable and easy ways how to make money if you lack it and try not to apply for Loans. Using any of these 10 options you'll forget about money problems.

  1. Become a blogger


Bloggers make money due to the contents of their site. Besides they benefit from advertising other companies on their page. Having a blog is included into the Top 10 Easiest Ways to Earn Money Online. You only need to be good at some sphere, have good writing and communicative skills. And you can learn the technical part online.

  1. Web-developer or Web-designer. 

Web-designer - is a person who helps to create the interface of the website. The skills required are encoding and knowledge of HTML and CSS for example. If you are not very good at it, try yourself in writing the articles or working as a contents chef, editor of the website.

  1. Web-editor.


If you have good writing skills you can write articles for different websites, create advertising texts, rewrite something, etc. Besides, you can make money desinging different apps but here you are to possess programming skills.

  1. Online Slot Machines. 

 Many would consider this as one of the Worst Ways to Make Money. But it can work if you are able to stop and end the game on time when you can take the cash but not lose it. 

Must know!
Remember that there is always a risk to lose more than to win. So you'd better practice playing for free before trying slot machines.
  1. Internet - writer. 

You can write and publish an e-book. It's easy: you just need to use Ms Word. And there are a lot of platforms to sell the book:

  • Amazon’s Kindle,
  • Flipkart,
  • Google Play Store,
  • Apple’s app Store.
  1. Video maker.  


You only need a mobile or camera. Make a video, share it on YouTube and get your share of money from every commercial watched by viewers with the help of your video.

  1. Become an online translator. 

If you know several languages it's a great opportunity to make money - translate the texts online. Even if you are a student, you can make good money. Besides you get a lot of experience. No money to pay for colledge? - Become a freelance translator. Or apply for a Personal Loan.

  1. Affinity Marketing. 

You can find affiliates online on special platforms and recommend their product or service on your website. For representing their company through your blog, or site, or group you'll get some share.

  1. Creating an informative website. 

You need to know what people are interested in, what information is the most acute and required. And if you have good writing skills, if you present to the reader only reliable and up-to-date data like you'll be a success. The more people read your website the more money you can make.

  1. Online courses. 

It's very popular today to study online. If you're a really good specialist in something you can teach others online. Organise courses, couching, seminars, etc. Use YouTube, Facebook, etc. to become popular and make money giving knowledge to people. 

No matter what way to earn a living you choose, we are sure you'll succeed. Our main mission is to give you information and choice. Compare your best options at Save your money and time!