The United States is currently the world's only superpower with military installations around the world. The geography of the country extends from subtropical forests to rolling plains, scorched deserts, and Arctic wastes.


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How big is the US compared to the rest of the world? 

The US is about 5,680,000 square miles (9,150,000 sq km), with terrain that varies dramatically. There are only two countries larger than the US:

  • Russia, at 10.6 million sq miles (17,100,000 sq km),
  • Canada, at 6,205,000 sq miles (9,985,000 sq km).

Its 3 biggest states are:

  • Alaska at 663,000 sq miles (1,070,000 sq km),
  • Texas at 70,000 sq miles (430,000 sq km),
  • California at 160,000 sq miles (260,000 sq km).

With about 327 million people, the US is the third most populated country on earth, with a total of 4.28% of the world's population.

The net annual migration rate is about 900,000 people.

The United States today is the  place where the rest of the world wants to live.

In the US, 83% of the population lives in cities. The 3 most populated cities are:

  • New York city with 8.5 million people,
  • Los Angeles with 4 million people, 
  • Chicago with 2.7 million people.

The population of the three biggest cities in the United States is equal to the population of Chad, with a population of 14.5 million people.

The US is the largest economy in the world. 

Gross domestic product is $20.4 trillion, or 23.3% of the global economy. China is just behind the US by $ 14 trillion and accounts for 16.1% of the total world economy.

The three largest economies in the United States are:

  • California (with a GDP of $ 2.6 trillion),
  • Texas (with a GDP of $ 1.6 trillion), 
  • New York (with a GDP of $ 1.5 trillion).

The United States has the best equipped military in the world, although it is only the third largest in 1,282,000 active duty personnel. Ahead – India, with 1.4 million active duty personnel and China with 2.1 million active duty personnel.


The US spends more than $ 610 billion on its military every year. This represents 3.1% of its total GDP, 35% of global military spending. Behind it go China with $ 150 billion in spending, and Saudi Arabia with $76 billion in spending.

The United States also has many military bases in most foreign countries in the world, with approximately 800 military facilities in 80 countries-perhaps more military bases in more foreign lands than any nation or Empire in history.

The cost of maintaining these bases alone is about $ 156 billion, more than China spends on its entire army.

The U.S. also has the world's third largest police force, with 913,000 total police officers. It placing behind India in first place with 1.9 million police officers, and China with 1.6 million police officers.

Health care costs. 

In the realm of health, the United States is the most expensive country on earth. Health care costs per capita are $10,350. It is placing ahead Switzerland at $ 7.900 and Germany at $5.550. While on average the rest of the world spends about 10.3% of its GDP on health on average, the US spends 18% of its GDP on health.

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Its people are hardworking and industrious, leading the world economy. But despite recent political developments, they are also the most welcoming nation in the world. Three times more immigrants than nations in 2nd or 3rd place in global comparison.