Small Personal Loans are a quick, convenient way to pay for some unexpected expenses. Affordable small-dollar loans have fixed monthly payments that shouldn’t exceed 5% of your monthly income, repayment terms vary from 6 months to 7 years. Learn all necessary information on small personal loans: how they work, how to apply and get instant approval even with bad credit and possibly with NO credit check.


Small Personal Loans 

Small Personal Loans online

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How do small Personal Loans work?

How do I apply for small Personal Loans?

Why choose small Personal Loans?

Small Personal Loans for bad credit

Is it possible to get small Personal Loans with NO credit?

How much will a small Personal Loan cost?

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Small Personal Loans  

Very often we face situations when a Payday Loan is not enough to solve your financial problems, or you try to obtain a loan with lower rates and longer terms. Then you should apply for Small Personal Loans. It can be as small as $5,000 loan, or even $1,000 loan, and have up to 7-year repayment terms and the interest rates lower than both Payday Loans and Installment Loans.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee you’ll be approved for small Personal Loans. But your chances highly increase if you apply online, or even better use a comparing service. It lets you evaluate a lot of offers and find a direct lender ready to grant you the necessary funds even if you have a bad or poor credit score. no matter what your credit score. They don’t require any guarantor or collateral. Small Personal Loans are unsecured.

Want to know how to increase your chances of not getting disqualified? Read further to find out how to find a reliable direct lender, how to avoid credit checks, how to calculate the cost of a loan, etc.

Small Personal Loans

Small Personal Loans online  

No matter what the purposes, the amount, the eligibility criteria, terms, and other conditions of the loan are, Small Personal Loans Online turn the borrowing process into a quick, stress-free and convenient business.

Our service focuses on providing you with the most updated verified data on Small Personal Loans you are looking for, connecting you with the top-rated reliable lenders, guarantying security of your personal data and giving you the chance to fill out a free online application and learn if you qualify for the loan.

Small Personal Loans Online have a number of indisputable advantages:

  • A wide choice of direct lenders offering small Personal Loans;
  • No paperwork, no faxing, no waiting;
  • Small Personal Loans for bad credit;
  • Apply for small Personal Loans online fast;
  • No hard credit check on small Personal Loans.

Small Personal Loans

Choosing a small dollar Personal Loan you minimize your monthly installments and pay the loan back quickly.

Best Small Personal Loans

According to the customers' reviews and ratings, the best small Personal Loans direct lenders are: 

How do small Personal Loans work? 

Officially, “small personal loans” are not defined anyhow but mostly the term is referred to as personal cash advance of $3,000 or less. Direct lenders usually set minimum and maximum amount limits, and what concerns Personal Loan type $3,000 or $5,000 is the minimum sum. We can help you find lenders providing these small Personal Loans, even those which count to $1,000.

For this you just need to follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out a free application form. It’s secure and doesn’t affect your credit history.
  2. Get matched with more than 300 direct lenders and receive an instant decision from the most suitable of them.
  3. If you are approved the funds are deposited into your bank account within 1-2 business days.

Before following these steps decide on the amount of small Personal Loans you need and you can afford, choose the repayment term and plan your budget carefully not to get into debt.

How to apply for Small Personal Loans? 

Fortunately, applying for a small personal loan doesn’t differ from applying for a regular personal loan. It’s as fast and easy. The applying process and requirements vary only depending on the lender. Most of them would like you to provide proof of income, a credit score or credit check, and your bank account information.

If you apply for small Personal Loans online the process is simple and does not depend on your credit. The lenders make decisions by verifying your income, employment history, etc.

You can qualify for small Personal loans by meeting the following criteria:

  • being at least 18 years of age
  • living and working in the United States
  • having a bank account under your personal name
  • having a stable income that ensures your ability to make monthly payments to pay off the loan

Do you qualify for a small Personal Loan? If yes, shop around for a good lender, compare the rates and fees, get as much information as possible.


Rates last updated May 22nd, 2024

Why choose small Personal Loans? 

It is not difficult to find yourself in a situation where a person “loses his head” because he does not have available cash, and at the same time he can pay all his expenses in the future prospect.

The most common examples of this situation are:

  • First, short-term financial difficulties can cause a backlog of regular payments. If you have a small Personal Loan, you will not risk losing your home, apartment or the only car.
  • Secondly, small Personal loans online help to overcome “rough spots”. Without discomfort, you do not risk financial charges for bank overdraft and other forms of overdue payments. A small loan online will save you from bank fines and additional fees.
  • The third point concerns the purchase of goods that are not necessary, but without which it is difficult to do something important in everyday life. For example, sometimes a person needs financial resources for a short trip or buying a car during the college semester if renting a car is difficult or not beneficial.

Small Personal Loans for any needs

Small Personal Loans range from $1,000 to $5,000 and are repaid within two or three years in convenient affordable installments.

I believe you ask yourself “Why should I borrow exactly this type of loan?”. Here are some of the major reasons:

  • It’s unsecured, you don’t have to risk any of your property;
  • Usually quick and easy to apply and get;
  • Convenient repayment plan which helps to plan the budget and not get into debt;
  • Lower interest than Payday Loans or even Installment Loans;
  • Available for both good and bad credit applicants;
  • It’s possible to find a lender who does NO credit check;
  • You can save your money using a small Personal Loan for debt consolidation;
  • Can even help you to improve the credit sore if you borrow wisely!

Small Personal Loans for bad credit 

Obviously, a bad credit line is a serious obstacle for those who want to take a loan. Banks always pay attention to this moment first of all. A bad credit line means that a person has little chance of getting a loan.

In such cases, an online loan can be a magic tool to help you survive a difficult financial period without constant stress. Most direct lenders approve even subprime borrowers. Though it may lead to higher rates as they need to make up for the risk they take.

So, if your score is far from perfect take a look at the expert tips which will help you to get approved for small Personal Loans with bad credit or no credit:

  • Before applying check the eligibility criteria the lenders set. Or fill out our free compacom form to find out if you qualify. It won’t affect your credit history.
  • Order a free copy of your credit history from any of the main credit bureaus of the US: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This way you’ll be able to evaluate your creditworthiness from the point of view of the lender.
  • Shop around and compare all the possible loan options you have, look for lower rates and better conditions. Fill out the application form only after you make sure it’s the right lender for you.
Small Personal Loans for Bad Credit

Is it possible to get small Personal Loans with NO credit? 

Small Personal Loans, as well as other types of online cash advance, are most popular with subprime borrowers who find it difficult to get approved for the necessary funds by banks and other traditional financial institutions. Does it look familiar to you? If yes, you probably have bad credit, maybe some previous debts, and not perfect credit history. That’s why you are likely to be looking for a NO credit check small Personal Loans.

Must know!
Keep in mind!!! Although a lot of lenders advertise NO credit check loans, in most cases it’s a myth. No loan can be given without at least soft inquiry of your credit history. Only predatory lenders who expect you to default a loan and want to make more money on your penalty fees can guarantee NO credit check service.

Look at the picture to see how different kinds of inquiries may affect your history:

Small Personal Loans no credit check

Don’t want to harm your credit history? Look no further than our reliable lenders. We do not guarantee NO credit check, but it’s possible to find the company ready to satisfy themselves with just a soft inquiry. They’ll just require some personal data, driving license or security number, some income proof. If you qualify, you’ll get a small Personal Loan the next day.

How much will a small Personal Loan cost?

small personal loans cost

What do you pay attention to first when you look for a loan? Of course, interest rates. It’s the APR that determines the total cost of the cash advance. There are certain limits on interest from the state. But make sure to check each lender’s rates and fees as they may vary. Besides the repayment schedule is an important factor. It will show you how much each installment will be and help you evaluate whether you can afford such payments. The National Consumer Law Center considers only loans with the APR below 36% affordable for consumers. Make sure there are no additional fees or balloon payments.

Look at some average costs for small Personal Loans of $5,000, $7,000 and $8,000. Keep in mind it’s only a representative example, the real cost may differ depending on the lender.

small personal loan calculator

Use our Personal Loan calculator to learn more accurate cost of the cash advance for the amount you need.

Personal Loans Calculator


Estimated Payment


Total Principal Paid:$ 1,000.00
Total Interest Paid:$ 387.42
Loan Term:471.36 %
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Amortization Schedule

Estimated Payoff Date:Mar 17, 2024

apply online

Select the amount for the loan you want in order to get the principal, which is the basis that we use to calculate the interest and the total cost of the cash advance.

The number of days within that you will be ready to repay the loan. It’s used to count the total cost of cash advance by multiplying the days by the amount of interest.

To calculate the total cost of your loan, we take the minimal average APR legal in all States, which is 36%. This figure is only a representative, providing you with general information on how much the loan may cost. To find out a more accurate total, fill in the Annual Percentage Rate required by the lender you want to apply to.

It’s the money charged by the lender for doing all the necessary paper work, bank transactions, etc., connected with lending you the money.

Other types of small Personal Loans 

It’s always better to have several options you can compare and make a choice. In the case of small Personal Loans, you may consider the following other ways to find the necessary $5,000, for example.

  • Short-term Payday Loans – will suit only if you need just up to $1,000 till the next paycheck, but the APR is considerably higher
  • Installment Loans – offer the amounts from $1,000 to $5,000 but the terms are shorter.
  • Credit cards – suitable to make purchases but make it rather hard to get out this debt in the future.

Small Personal loans seem to be a better solution as they offer a convenient repayment plan easy to remember and follow. You can even improve your credit if pay it off on time.

Compare your options for small personal loans

Small loans alternatives  

Need small cash? See no other options except Personal Loans? You may just lack the necessary information which we are ready to share. Check out cheaper alternatives you can use.

If you need the money just for a one-time emergency expense try to use:

  • help from local nonprofits, charities and religious organizations.
  • a payday alternative loan from a credit union.
  • a paycheck advance from your employer.
  • a secured pawnshop loan.
  • some additional odd job to make money.
  • family’s or friends’ help.

If you have current bills for food, rent, utility bills, check out:

  • food banks
  • the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program,
  • utility discounts or subsidies to low-income customers,
  • the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
  • a housing counselor.

Have tried all the alternatives but still need money? Apply for small Personal Loans. This is gonna work for sure.