How much Payday Loan can I get?

The amount of Payday cash advance is usually between $100 and $1,000 on average. But it can vary according to the lender and the state’s law. The lender may approve you for more or less money depending on your credit score, repayment ability, credit history and some other peculiar criteria. The better are these factors the higher amount you can expect. What concerns law regulations, it’s up to the State’s regulator to limit the maximum available amount. It differs in each state.


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How much would you like to borrow?

If you are in need of larger amounts you can apply for $1,000 - $5,000 Installment Loans or $5,000 - $35,000 Personal Loans.  They are longer in repayment terms and have lower rates and fees. You can use them for any personal needs as well. And for some borrowers it may be easier to pay off the loan in installlments rather than in a lump sum. 

Your other options include:

  • banks
  • credit unions
  • pawn shops
  • check cashers
  • family and friends