Can I get a Personal Loan in a bank?

Most often Personal Loans are applied for online from direct lenders, or in a store. It's more convenient, faster and more flexible. But some borrowers prefer a traditional way of getting money from a bank. 

Banks do offer Personal Loans in different amounts, but they:

  • require stricter eligibility criteria such as good credit history and FICO score, bank account;
  • have longer turnaround time;
  • can be even more expensive due to hidden fees;
  • don't always have a good customer service.

So, before choosing a bank to get a Personal Loan:

  • Make sure that you have an account in this company. Maybe they will offer you some discount programme.
  • Learn all the lending terms and conditions to avoid hidden fees.
  • Check out all the other options, compare and choose the best one.


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