Steve Lebsock

Steve Lebsock is an American politician who represented District 34 in the Colorado House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018. Prior to joining the State House, Lebsock served on the Thornton City Council from November 2003 to November 2011.

Every vote I make at the Capitol will be based on what is best for the people of Colorado and the North Metro Area.

In cases where mortgages are sold while they are in the process of being modified, current Colorado law allows the new servicers of the mortgages to disregard the proposed modifications. HB13-1017, which has the support of the Colorado Banking Association and other finance and real estate industry groups, ends that practice.

Because loan modifications often involve homeowners who are struggling to make their payments, the collapse of a loan modification often turns a distressed loan into a foreclosure.

2017 Protect Our State Colorado Constitution Bill. If a citizen in Colorado is engaged in behavior or actions which are protected in our CO Constitution, then, our state gov't will not assist the fed govt.

"Industrial fiber products" means intermediate or finished products made from fibrous waste that are not intended for human or animal consumption and are not usable or recognizable as retail marijuana. Industrial fiber products include, but are not limited to, cordage, paper, fuel, textiles, bedding, insulation, construction materials, and industrial materials.

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