Sherri Ybarra

Sherri Ybarra, a dedicated and experienced educator, is a passionate advocate for the people of Idaho. With a strong commitment to improving educational opportunities, fostering economic growth, and promoting community engagement, Sherri has the knowledge, skills, and vision to effectively represent the interests of her fellow Idahoans.

Born and raised in Idaho, Sherri Ybarra has spent her entire professional career serving the people of her home state. With a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction, she has worked in various roles within the education system, including as a teacher, school administrator, and district-level leader. This wealth of experience has given her a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing Idaho's education system.

As an accomplished educator, Sherri Ybarra is dedicated to promoting quality education for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances. She firmly believes that investing in education is the key to building a strong and prosperous future for Idaho. Her vision for the state includes supporting innovative educational programs, enhancing resources for teachers, and ensuring that every student has access to a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Sherri's commitment to the people of Idaho extends beyond the realm of education. She is also a strong advocate for economic development, job creation, and sustainable growth. Her experience in public service has given her valuable insight into the importance of a vibrant and diverse economy in fostering a thriving community.

A firm believer in the power of community engagement, Sherri Ybarra has been actively involved in numerous local and statewide organizations, working to improve the lives of her fellow Idahoans. Her dedication to public service is a testament to her genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of the people she serves.

As a candidate from Idaho, Sherri Ybarra is uniquely positioned to combine her passion for education, economic growth, and community engagement to create a brighter future for her beloved state. With her extensive experience, unwavering commitment, and innovative vision, she is the ideal representative for the people of Idaho.

Other departments of Idaho state government also routinely share vacancy savings with remaining staff. The practice is routine and encouraged.

I wrote to Gov. Little in early November to advocate that Idaho use some of the state’s federal COVID relief funds to give a $1,000 bonus to each Idaho teacher. 

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