Eva Murray

Eva Murray is a freelance writer who has spent over 35 years living full time on Matinicus Island in Maine. She started her journey on the island as a one-room school teacher in 1987 and has since become an integral part of the community. Eva has taken on various roles in municipal government, started a recycling program, and has been a first responder to emergencies.

She is also an EMT, a baker, and a homesteader who grows her own food and raises sheep for wool. Eva has been a regular columnist for several publications since 2003, including Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Working Waterfront, Down East online, and the (Rockland) Free Press. Her writings also include archived columns from the op-ed pages of the Knox County Times, the Lewiston Sun Journal, and other Maine newspapers. As a parent of island students, a district bookkeeper, and an island school board member, Eva writes about Maine's tiny schools with an insider's perspective. She emphasizes that a 21st-century one-room school is a modern, technologically advanced educational experience for a small handful of children living in remote communities.

People are out of work, out of money, and sometimes out of patience. They may be really, really worried, both about getting sick and about getting evicted. Most with a financial cushion are still in a state of upheaval.

Getting rid of fishing gear is much more expensive and much more labor-intensive and much more logistically complex than it is in most places,” she says. “If we can do it, what’s your excuse, big cities?

This is the time of year when many of us tackle our big scary household jobs. In these winter months, while the summer people think we have nothing to do, the DIY-ers among us (meaning most everybody in Maine) spend their tax refunds on new flooring, or finally find time to repair that hole where Big Jake punched the sheetrock, or get out pencil and paper to engineer an improved chicken coop.

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