Walmart Services Offered

Explore how much does Walmart charges to cash a check, its operating hours, cashing limits and money services it offers.

Walmart Money Center is a kiosk that can be found at any Walmart store and receive financial services. The advantage of the store is that it offers a wider range of services than others and is open from 8 am to 8 pm. You can easily find Walmart's business hours even during the holidays on their website. Despite the large list of financial services, pay attention to fees you have to pay using Walmart as long as its cashing limits.

What is the Walmart Money Center?

Walmart Money Center is an in-store kiosk that both shoppers and other people can use for check cashing, money transfers, coin-to-cash converting, check to print, bill payments, prepaid card reloading, and many other financial services. What's more, Walmart also offers an online version of the Money Center. However, it is worth knowing that in order to use many of the services, you still have to visit a physical store. Even if a store does not have a designated center, any Walmart store offers all of these services.

Money Center Walmart Hours 

Most Americans who need Walmart Money Center services need to know its hours of operating. It's easy to find out if you google for: "Walmart Money Center Hours Near Me".

What time does Walmart Money Center open?

Typically, Walmart MoneyCenter opens at 8 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

What time does the money center close in Walmart?

Typically, Walmart MoneyCenter closes at 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Is Walmart Money Center open on Sunday?

On Sunday you can visit Walmart MoneyCenter from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

However, it is worth remembering that the Walmart Money Center operational hours may vary from store to store. Also on some days such as holidays, the operation hours may vary. In order to find out Walmart Money Center's hours of operation, you can contact them by phone or visit the website in order to get additional information.

How do I find the hours for a Walmart MoneyCenter near me?

With a few simple steps, you can quickly and easily find out the opening hours. Learn how to do it:

  1. Visit the Walmart website (
  2. Click the three lines in the upper left corner to open another menu.
  3. Click on the “Local Store” and “Find a Store” buttons.
  4. Click on the ZIP code shown. There you can enter your city and state or ZIP code.
  5. Select "Update location."
  6. Click on the "details" button of the store that is closest to you.
  7. After seeing the details, you can find the number and contact the nearest store.

Walmart Money Services Offered

As stated, Walmart offers a wide range of services. While you won't be able to do everything at Money Center that you do at the bank, it's worth noting that many of the services are quite similar so you don't need to worry. So what services does Walmart Money Center offer?

  1. Check cashing. Walmart enables customers to cash checks up to $ 1,000. You will also have to pay a $ 3 fee. The advantage is that you don't need to register an account. Thus if you don’t use bank services or don’t have an account, it is not a problem and you still can cash your check at Walmart. You can also cash a check over $ 1000, however in this case you will have to pay a $ 6 fee. On the site, you can get money almost instantly. What's more, you can load the money onto your Walmart MoneyCard and get a waived reload fee. The maximum withdrawal limit is $ 5,000. However, it is worth knowing. that in the period from January through April the amount of limit increases to $ 7,500.

What types of checks can you cash out?

  • Cashier's checks. You can cash any printed and guaranteed by a bank (or a credit union) checks, even Payday Loan checks from direct lenders.
  • Government checks. These checks include any government benefits, including disability, unemployment, and more.
  • Tax checks. You can also get your yearly refund on your federal taxes.
  • Payroll checks. This way, you can cash the checks that the employer uses to pay your wages.
  • Insurance settlement checks. This is the check you receive after you settle with an insurance claims adjuster.
  1. Check printing. By visiting, you can find a wide variety of different checks, both personal and business. Moreover, you can personalize them according to your wishes and needs. Also, the site saves your checks, so if you need to create the same one again, this will significantly save your time.
  2. Coins to cash. This is one of the handy options offered by Walmart's Money Center. Moreover, you can use Coinstar and convert your change into gift cards.
  3. Tax preparation services. If you are having trouble with taxes, you can also contact Walmart's Money Center as they can help you file your return with professionals.
  4. Walmart Credit Card. If you choose to open a Walmart credit card (a Capital One Walmart rewards card), you can get cashback on purchases. What's more, the annual fee at Walmart's Money Center is $ 0! You can get 2% cashback when shopping at a physical or local Walmart store. Also, when shopping at you can get 5% cashback. This includes both pickup and delivery. In addition to this, you can get 1% cashback for everything where the master card is accepted. Thus, this card gives you a huge number of advantages. Moreover, she has a $ 0 fraud liability if your card is stolen or lost. Having received your rewards, it can be redeemed for cash, and you can also spend it on gift cards, shopping, travel and more.
  5. Bill pay. You can also pay for your utility bills at some Walmart stores. It is important to check that this payment is available in your area, so do not forget about it. If it is available, then your payment will be sent electronically from Walmart to your utility company, which is undoubtedly very convenient for you.
  6. Bluebird by American Express. Another service offered by Walmart's Money Center is opening up a Bluebird account. If you have not heard about this before, then you need to know that Bluebird is a financial account that gives you the opportunity to not only manage but also get more for your money. You can of course add money to your account and reload at a Walmart Money Center, however this is not the only option. You can also do this at your local Walmart store. If you use the Bluebird mobile app, you can also quickly send money to anyone.

Another great feature is the family account, which gives you the ability to add up to 4 cards for your family. You can also install limits for spending and access to the ATM and control your finances.

It is worth noting that Bluebird is not an alternative to a bank account because it is not issued by a bank. Also, you need to follow some requirements to enroll in this financial service. Explore other features offered by Bluebird.

  • Bluebird account allows you to pay various bills such as housing, phone and other utilities.
  • The mobile application gives you the opportunity to take a photo of your check and deposit into your account
  • The family account gives you the opportunity to receive up to 4 cards and set a spending limit
  • You also get free access to 24.000 MoneyPass ATMs. What's more, you will be able to withdraw cash at over 4,700 Walmart locations.
  1. MoneyGram. People use MoneyGram to send money to Walmart in the United States with low fees. Thus, even if someone from your family and friends lives abroad and you need to send money, you can also do this with MoneyGram. Moreover, you will be able to send and receive money as fast as in a few minutes! You can also purchase money orders through MoneyGram, however, you need a credit or debit card to use this feature.

How is Walmart different from other stores?

  • Oftentimes, other stores only offer a few of the services Walmart gives to you. Thus, Walmart can replace both the store and the bank for you. However, you should remember that Walmart is not the bank so Center only offers some of bank’s services.
  • For example, Grocery stores allow checks to be cashed, however they may charge a percentage of the check amount. Thus, it is often even more than the Walmart's standard fee.
  • You can also visit Walmart instead of going to the bank. What's more, some people don't have a bank, so Walmart is a good option for them. This way, you get access to a wide range of services and save time using Walmart.
  • Probably the most important feature of Walmart Money Center is The Online Version ( However, it is worth noting that many of the pages are only informative in nature, telling you what you can do in the store.

Should you go to Walmart MoneyCenter?

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally since the Center has both its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, many of the services provided by Walmart MoneyCenter are relatively cheap. Moreover, you do not need to have a bank account in order to use financial services, which will be an undoubted advantage for those who do not have a bank. However, Walmart MoneyCenter's capabilities are still quite limited.

As you know, Walmart is not a bank, which is why it only partners with banks and other financial institutions and licensed money transfer companies to provide you with services. Thus, it is up to you whether to use Walmart MoneyCenter's services or not.

Bottom line

You can use Walmart MoneyCenter as it is often cheaper than other stores that charge you a percentage of the check you cash out, for example. You can also use other services to make your life more comfortable especially when you live close to Walmart store.

However, don't forget about the fees that you need to pay if you want to cash a check. It is also worth remembering that if you withdraw up to $ 1000 then the fee is $ 3 if more - than $ 6. The disadvantage of Walmart is the limit of money that you can withdraw ($ 5,000 and $ 7,500 at certain times of the year), as well as a limited list of services provided. Whether to contact Walmart MoneyCenter is up to you.