Car repair is one of the most tangible cost items in the car owner's budget. Therefore, when purchasing a car, the buyer, as a rule, seeks to clarify how costly it can be to repair it, as well as how often and what kind of breakdowns occur.

On the road, no one is safe from accidents, therefore, when thinking about buying a car, you should take care of the question in advance how much it will cost to restore a particular technical unit.

But even in the event that accidents were avoided, after several years of operation of the car, its planned repair and replacement of parts will be required. For which brands will you have to prepare the thickest wallets?

Car Class And Age Are Factors In The High Cost Of Repairs

It is best to determine your financial capabilities in terms of providing car repairs before it is purchased.

There is a popular belief that the more exclusive and expensive the model, the more expensive it is to repair. This is partly true. According to the policy of automakers, the more expensive the brand of car, the more likely it is to be repaired and maintained in an expensive auto center owned by the manufacturer.

But do not forget that inexpensive economy-class models are not necessarily cheap to repair: maybe labor and spare parts will cost less, but breakdowns in such cars happen more often.

Another important factor that affects the cost of repairing a car is its age. If a new car requires only the cost of fuel, automotive oil, and other automotive fluids, then with increasing mileage, the frazzle of different parts increases, which in the end will have to be changed. There are the following dynamics of increasing spending on cars:

  • cars under 10 years old: costs reach up to $150 a year;
  • cars older than 10 years: a sharp increase in the cost of up to $2,000 a year.

Thus, the older the model, the more likely it will require expensive scheduled repairs.

Car model and age affect not only the repair cost but the title loan amount you can get using its title as collateral. When you need emergency cash to cover car repair costs, it's often recommended to apply for online title loans and get same-day funding up to $10,000 or more depending on the vehicle you own.

5 Most Expensive Cars To Maintain

In order to determine the most expensive cars to fix, various methods can be used, from service station statistics to owner reviews. The most accurate method is considered to be the analysis of the data of insurers since it is they who have to deal with the consideration of claims of car owners as a result of getting into an accident.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety regularly analyzes the reports of insurers in order to identify the most expensive cars to repair. In the analysis, the researchers used the following indicators:

  • frequency of appeals of car owners to the insurance company;
  • the amount of the claim against the insurance company;
  • the total amount of money paid out on an insurance claim.

Quite expectedly, a kind of anti-rating was headed by the most expensive cars. The reason is not only the high cost of models and spare parts for them, but also the fact that, as a rule, expensive cars are equipped with high-power engines.

Bentley Continental GT

bentley continental as the most expensive car to repair

Bentley is recognized as the most expensive foreign car, which is definitely not worth getting into an accident. According to insurers, this cabriolet model can reach one of the highest frequency of applications for compensation - 7.1. At the same time, the average amount of an insurance claim floats around the mark of 36 thousand dollars - the amount for which it is quite possible to purchase a new car in the United States.

In addition to the high cost of work and auto parts for this model, a significant contribution to the high cost of repairs is made by the fact that parts on the Bentley Continental GT have almost 80% originality, that is, they cannot be replaced by parts from other manufacturers and even related models. Of course, this adds prestige to the model, but also significantly increases the cost of repairs.

BMW i8

bmw i8 one of the most expensive cars to maintain

The brainchild of BMW is a frequent guest of insurance companies. According to statistics, owners get into an accident and turn to insurers with a frequency of 7.7, and the average repair amount is 22 thousand dollars.

However, second place in the ranking of the most expensive cars to repair is a completely predictable and expected result for a car with such a high cost and a large number of high-tech components.

Spare parts for i8 repair are better to use "native", but you can also pick up non-original counterparts from other manufacturers. In the latter case, repair costs will be lower, but there is a risk of getting a low-quality fake, which will reduce the life of the entire car. The great demand for BMW parts has led to the fact that candles, filters, brake discs for this model are often faked.

Maserati Gran Turismo

maserati gran turismo - the most expensive car to repair

This sports coupe confidently occupies the third position in the rating of most expensive cars to repair: the frequency of requests by the owners of this model to insurers is 8.5, and the cost of repairs on average fluctuates around the amount of 19 thousand dollars.

A great sports coupe is distinguished by its power and high cost, but, unfortunately, it is not limited to merit alone: this model is distinguished by the fact that the clutch and QPV valve fail quickly in it.

It should be noted that these malfunctions are links in the same chain, a consequence of the traffic jams that modern megalopolises abound in. Only careful and timely diagnostics of the valve and clutch will help to avoid serious repairs of this technical unit at an early stage of vehicle operation.


bmw m6 - one of the most expensive cars with high maintenance

The BMW M6 is in the fourth position - again his brainchild: the M6 model. The frequency of appeals to insurers is 8.6, the cost of repairs is 17 thousand dollars.

The expensive prestigious M6 coupe is distinguished by such an unpleasant feature as a large number of minor breakdowns. Each of them, perhaps, is not so problematic, but together the “bouquet” of malfunctions in the event of an accident will require serious financial costs.

Audi RS7

audi rs7 - high maintenance cost car

The brainchild of Audi is close to the fifth most expensive car brand to repair. The RS7 crashes 8.7 times and costs $16,000 to repair.

One of the significant problems when repairing an RS7 is that it is not always easy to find parts for it, and replacing original components with "suitable" ones is undesirable.


If you are planning to buy a car, be sure to analyze whether you can afford the maintenance and repair of the car in the future. If an unexpected accident happened in your life, and there are no funds for these expenses now, then car repair loans or title loans would be a good way to get money.

The first type of loan is designed specifically for car repairs, while title loans are a type of loan in which your car serves as collateral until the end of the full payment. However, the advantage of these two loans is the fact that you can continue to use the car.

Therefore, you need to approach the purchase of a car responsibly in order to be able to service it in the future without a strong blow to your budget.