4th stimulus package - latest news

Though the U.S. has already spent trillions of dollars on stimulus funding, and even after the last $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan (including the third stimulus check of $1,400), the country is still deeply in need of financial help. Americans are struggling to get more immediate checks and recurring payments so that they could go by.

It led to the creation of the petition for monthly stimulus checks of $2,000 sent to the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. The Petition requires to provide families with a "$2,000 payment for adults and a $1,000 payment for kids immediately, and continuing regular checks for the duration of the crisis."

It has already been sighed by more than 2,695,300 residents and this number is constantly growing.

What financial help has already been provided by the Government in 2021?

Due to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 from March, the US residents have already got the following types of financial relief:

The 1st Stimulus Check

$1,200 per person

The 2nd Stimulus Check

$600 for individuals

$1,200 for married couples who file a joint tax return

$600 for each dependent child

The 3rd Stimulus Check

$1,400 for any eligible individual

$2,800 per eligible couple

Child tax credit

$3,600 for each child

Federal unemployment bonus

a weekly $300 unemployment bonus

So far, the Americans have received $3,200 to each eligible adult: $1,200 under the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act in March 2020; $600 in a December relief measure; and $1,400 under the American Rescue Plan signed in March by President Joe Biden.

Is There Going To Be A Fourth Stimulus Check?

Most financial analysts agree on the fact that the Forth Stimulus Check from Joe Biden is unlikely this time. What arguments do they propose?

Biden administration has planned to spend $2 trillion on reshaping the economy by rebuilding aging schools, roads, and airports, investing in affordable housing, etc.

Besides, the opposition from both Republicans and some Democrats makes it harder to pass the bill this time.

However, 1/3 of Americans still believe the American Rescue Plan will help them a lot.

Why Americans do need the 4th Stimulus Check

Despite all the relief delivered by the Government, 4 in 10 Americans are still struggling to make both ends meet saying they make much less money than before the pandemic. They find it hard even to pay for basics like rent or food. The following figures prove this fact:

14.6 million people

get jobless assistance


unemployment rate

7 million

fewer people are on payrolls

¼ Americans

are not able to pay their household expenses

6 in 10 people

state that the $1,400 previous check will help them only to last less than three months

That’s why Democratic lawmakers in January pushed for $2,000 monthly checks until the pandemic ends.

Are We Getting A Fourth Stimulus Check this year?

There are several ways how Americans can get financial assistance from the White House in 2021:

A permanent child tax credit raises through 2025

Monthly payments to lower- and middle-income families with children.

A minimum wage hike

Some senators propose to boost the federal minimum wage at $15 per hour instead of the current $7.25 per hour

Federal unemployment assistance extension

Jobless benefits are suggested to be extended till Labor Day though quite unlikely.

Stimulus Update Today 2021

On July 15 all qualified families got a $1,800 Child Tax Credit (CTC). And they will continue getting $300 per month for each child under 6 and $250 for children between 6 to 17 years old. Child Tax Credit is planned to expand through 2025.