Most likely, at least half of Americans dream of beautiful picket fences, as they not only look good but also protect children and pets. Moreover, fences prevent intruders from entering your territory which is also very important. However, you probably understand that this can be quite expensive, so people are looking for a certain source of funding for fence maintenance or installation. You will be surprised to know that a typical fence installation costs between $ 1,650 and $ 5,000. Thus, the most reasonable option for you is to study the options of fence financing. Read on for more details.

How much do I need for Fence Financing?

The cost of a fence can vary significantly depending on various factors like:

  1. The material of the fence: Common fence materials include wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, and chain link. The material you choose will significantly impact the cost. Wood is usually the cheapest, while materials like vinyl and steel are more expensive. For example, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, a wooden fence could cost anywhere from $7 to $15 per foot, while a vinyl fence might range from $15 to $30 per foot.

  2. The length and height of the fence: Obviously, the longer and taller your fence, the more material you will need, and thus the more it will cost.

  3. The complexity of the installation: If your yard has a lot of slopes, turns, or obstructions that the fence needs to be built around, the cost of installation could be higher.

  4. Labor cost: If you're hiring a professional to install the fence, you'll need to factor in the cost of labor. This can vary widely depending on your location and the specifics of your project, but could range from $30 to $50 per hour or more.

  5. Permit costs: In some areas, you might need a permit to build a fence, which could add to the total cost.

  6. Maintenance cost: Different types of fences have different maintenance needs. A wooden fence might need to be painted or stained every few years, for example, while a vinyl fence might need less frequent maintenance.

Given all these variables, it's difficult to provide an exact cost without more specific information. However, for a rough estimate, you might expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $10,000 or more for a professionally installed fence.

If you're considering financing, there are various options available, including home improvement loans, personal loans, or credit cards. Interest rates and terms can vary widely, so be sure to shop around and compare different options to find the best deal. Some fencing companies also offer financing plans, which could be another option to consider.

Fence Financing Available: Which Option To Choose?

Of course, there are now a large number of fence financing options. However, there are three main ones you should study to decide which option suits you best:

Low APR Personal Loan

Credit Card

Fence Company

Personal Loans are often used to fund fences. You will need to apply in order to be eligible for a certain loan amount. After receiving the money, you can use the Personal Loan for almost anything you want. Often repayment terms are up to 12 years, and loans up to $ 100,000 with an interest rate of 4.99%.

If you can pay off the required amount to fund the fence quickly, then a credit card can be not only convenient but also an easy option for getting money. However, compared to Personal Loans, credit cards most often have higher interest rates and lower spending limits. Remember that your credit score may drop if you use more than 30% of your credit card limit.

Please note that some fence companies (or contractors) may also offer fence financing. However, in order to be able to apply, you will most often need to have good or excellent credit. Also, note that you may also encounter other fees if you choose to take advantage of the funding.

Can I Finance A Fence With Bad Credit?

It doesn't matter if you have good or bad credit, you are still eligible for fence financing. However, it is important to note that if you have a bad credit history, it is best to use Personal Loan. Generally, in order to be able to apply for a Personal Loan, you must have a minimum credit rating of 550 or higher. If you have a low credit score, the loan amount is likely to be lower and the interest rate higher.

Fence Companies With Financing Near Me

Of course, many people though know do fence companies offer to finance, and the answer is yes. Some fence companies do offer funding however you need to have a good or excellent history in order to be able to apply and be prepared for additional fees. Below are some examples of fence companies that can help you get funding:

  • Summit Fence. This fence company is considered one of the best fence installers offering various fence services with no prepayment penalty. Summit Fence provides loans up to $ 100,000 with convenient monthly payments even for bad credit. Financing within 1-3 days!
  • Acorn Finance. With Acorn Finance, you can get fast fence financing without damaging your credit score and pay off your debt with convenient monthly payments. Acorn Finance offers prequalification for various loan offers with a simple online form and no harm to your credit. The loan amount can also be up to $ 100,000 for up to 12 years.
  • Long Fence. This company offers a wide range of services from design consultants to complete installation for buyers and financing for qualified buyers with approved credit.

No Credit Check Fence Financing Near Me

Most lenders will ask for a credit check before granting you fence financing. However, since borrowers now want to get fence financing with no credit check, there is a need to find out if this is possible. Learn the main points to watch out for:

  1. Exercise discretion. Some lenders do offer financing for fences without checking credit however loan terms and interest rates can be unprofitable which will lead you into a debt trap.
  2. Explore contractors and small retailers. Please note that some contractors and small retailers offer in-house no-credit check financing, however, this is often very expensive.
  3. Consider a family loan. You can borrow money from a family member, which means you don't have to have good credit and pay high interest. However, it should be understood that such a loan will not improve your credit, so it may be worth considering legal types of financing.

How Can I Finance A Fence With Bad Credit?

If you want to get fence financing you will most likely need to learn the basic steps of how you can get a loan. Learn three easy steps and get Fence Financing today:



Choose a suitable offer

You can use Personal Loan, Credit Card or Fence Company. Each proposal has its pros and cons, so do your research before applying.

Submit your application

Research the requirements of the selected lender or company, as most often you will need to have good or excellent credit. Submit an application and make sure that all data is entered correctly.

Get funding

Apply only for the amount that you need and choose such payment terms that will be convenient for you and your financial situation. Get a loan and pay it off in regular monthly installments to avoid additional fees and commissions.


In conclusion, personal loans can be an excellent solution for financing a new fence. They offer flexibility in terms of repayment options and can provide the necessary funds quickly and efficiently. While the cost of a fence can vary significantly depending on factors such as materials, size, complexity, and location, personal loans allow homeowners to spread out the cost over a longer period of time, making this home improvement project more financially manageable.

However, it's essential to remember that personal loans, like any financial commitment, should be entered into responsibly. Interest rates, repayment periods, and any potential fees should be carefully considered before signing an agreement. Be sure to shop around to find the best loan terms, and only borrow what you can comfortably afford to repay.

Lastly, while personal loans are a viable option, they are not the only one. Exploring other financing methods, such as home equity loans or credit cards, can also be beneficial. Some fencing companies may even offer their own financing options. The key is to choose the solution that best aligns with your financial situation and goals. By carefully considering your options and planning ahead, you can ensure that your new fence is an investment that adds value and enjoyment to your property for years to come.